April 8, 2024

Fueling Pennsylvania’s Future: Liquid Natural Gas

On April 8, 2024, the Pennsylvania House Republican Policy Committee convened in the capitol for a hearing to discuss "Fueling Pennsylvania’s Future: Liquid Natural Gas". Hosted by Caucus Secretary Martina White, the purpose of the day’s hearing was to learn more about Pennsylvania’s Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) potential and to address President Biden’s restrictive policies on new LNG exports, which hinder American energy independence and inadvertently bolster foreign adversaries. Representative White, a stalwart advocate for Pennsylvania LNG terminals and energy, has championed this initiative alongside manufacturers, energy generators, and trades representatives. The Republican caucus and the day’s testifiers explored how LNG can serve as a cornerstone for Pennsylvania’s energy future. As the world grapples with energy demands and environmental concerns, Pennsylvania stands poised to make the world a better place with our bountiful energy.

The testifiers that joined the Policy Committee were as follows:

Full Hearing

Carl A. Marrara - Executive Director, Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association

John Bane - Director of Government Affairs, EQT Corporation

Robert Bair - President, Pennsylvania Building & Construction Trades Council

Questions for the Testifiers

~ Agenda, Bios, & Testimony ~

Carl A. Marrara, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, delivered comprehensive insights gleaned from the association’s study on the potential of an LNG export terminal in Philadelphia. The study revealed staggering economic projections, including the creation of over 7,000 direct and indirect jobs annually during construction, along with substantial tax impacts exceeding $500 million over a four-year construction period. Upon completion, the terminal would sustain nearly 3,000 direct and indirect jobs, with an annual tax impact surpassing $180 million. Additionally, Mr. Marrara outlined vital policy recommendations, emphasizing the imperative for permitting reforms, workforce development initiatives, and the reversal of President Biden’s LNG export ban.

“Utilizing Pennsylvania’s natural gas is good for the world, Pennsylvania, and the United States.”

Carl A Marrara
Executive Director, Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association

John Bane, Director of Government Affairs at EQT Corporation, underscored the key role natural gas has played in driving emissions reductions, with 60% of US emission reductions directly attributable to Pennsylvania’s increase utilization of natural gas. Mr. Bane explained how because of Marcellus Shale and Pennsylvania’s energy boom the US transitioned from a net importer to an LNG exporter, all within a span of two decades. Pennsylvanian’s energy exports empower our allies the world over and dissuades the purchase of dirty resources and energy from the likes of Russia and China. Moreover, he emphasized the still untapped potential of Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas reserves, and the opportunity these resources can bring to Pennsylvania and the entire world. In closing, Mr. Bane spoke of the obstacles facing increased extraction and production of natural gas, lamenting the regulatory hurdles impeding the state’s energy sector growth and our unpredictable business environment. If it weren’t for years-long permitting and an ever-changing business climate PA would experience even greater prosperity.

“We have enough natural gas in Pennsylvania to literally change the world.”

John Bane
Director of Government Affairs, EQT Corporation

Rob Bair, President of the Pennsylvania Building & Construction Trades Council, voiced the concerns of trades workers grappling with limited opportunities within the Commonwealth. Bair advocated for permitting reforms to stimulate growth in the construction sector, citing the readiness of Pennsylvania’s skilled workforce to undertake projects ranging from infrastructure development to energy plant conversions. There are thousands of union tradesmen longing to work in their home state of Pennsylvania, but sadly they are forced to take opportunity in our neighboring states. Natural gas development projects create thousands of jobs during the construction phase, support many permanent jobs when operational, and will always turn to PA trades workers for ongoing maintenance. Sadly, considering the looming threat of a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), energy taxes, onerous regulations, and extensive permitting there has been limited energy-related construction over the last decade. Mr. Bair emphasized that the Pennsylvania Building & Construction Trade Council will always advocate for projects that prioritize Pennsylvania workers and foster job creation within the state.

“To move to lower our emissions over the next 25 years, natural gas and specifically LNG must play a part.”

Rob Bair
President, Pennsylvania Building & Construction Trades Council

The testimonies presented at the hearing highlighted the pivotal role of LNG in shaping Pennsylvania’s economic trajectory and energy future. With compelling evidence supporting the job creation potential, economic benefits, and environmental advantages of LNG exports, policymakers were urged to prioritize permitting reforms, workforce development initiatives, and pro-growth policies to unleash Pennsylvania’s energy potential. Furthermore, by increasing production and export of Pennsylvania energy the entire world receives a benefit. Our inexpensive, clean burning, and abundant natural gas provides energy stability around the globe and helps to protect our shared environment from bad actors and inefficient fuels. Additionally, the imperative to reverse President Biden’s LNG export ban looms large, as Pennsylvania stands poised to emerge as a global energy leader, fostering economic prosperity and energy security for generations to come. Our world is a better place with Pennsylvania energy, and LNG can spread the power of PA worldwide.