Feb. 22, 2024

COKEBURG– In response to growing concerns within the community, Rep. Bud Cook (R-Greene/Washington) and the House Republican Policy Committee, led by Chairman Josh Kail (R-Beaver/Washington), convened a hearing to discuss and strategize ways to prevent the potential drainage of the beloved Cokeburg Dam by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 

The hearing, “Removing Obstacles to Opportunity to Save the Cokeburg Dam,” featured the following testifiers: Holly Detts-Dranzo, president, Cokeburg Borough Council; Dave Lambert, chief, Cokeburg Volunteer Fire Department; and others.

The Cokeburg Dam has long been a cherished recreational destination for residents in the area, serving as a source of joy for generations and a favorite fishing spot for anglers new and old. Its reservoir has provided a picturesque backdrop for countless community events, fostering a strong sense of unity among the locals. 

Furthermore, the Cokeburg Dam plays a crucial role as a water source for local firefighters. The potential drainage of the dam could jeopardize the firefighting capabilities in the area, posing a significant risk to public safety.

Cook expressed his commitment to advocating for the community's interests, stating, “The Cokeburg Dam holds immense recreational and practical value for our community. We cannot stand idly by as its future hangs in jeopardy. This hearing is an opportunity for us to address concerns and work toward a solution that preserves the Cokeburg Dam for current and future generations.”

“The House Republican Policy Committee recognizes the historical and cultural significance of the Cokeburg Dam to the community,” said Kail. “To lose such a valuable asset would not only disrupt the recreational activities that have been enjoyed for generations but also undermine the safety of the entire community.”

To watch the complete hearing click here.

Representative Bud Cook
50th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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